Founded in 1971, Clauger is a family-owned company specializing in industrial refrigeration and air treatment solutions. Today, we have more than 1,500 employees worldwide and revenues of over 450 million dollars. 

For 50 years, we have been responsible for the design, manufacturing, installation, service, and maintenance of our equipment all over the world. Our international dynamic, supported by 15 subsidiaries, allows us to export our expertise to more than 90 countries.

We rely on innovation to help our customers optimize their overall energy use to ensure we contribute to addressing the environmental issues of our time. Since 2013, we have saved our customers the equivalent of the energy consumption for one nuclear reactor (or 400,000 households), savings that double each year.

Clauger operates in North America for more than 20 years. Our revenues in the area have doubled over the past 5 years to $100M and we are growing at a fast pace.

We are based in Chicago, IL, Atlanta GA and Jacksonville, FL to serve our 300+ customers across the US.

Job Description
Pipe fitter for refrigeration systems.  Must be able to produce plan, cut, lay out and assemble pipe and structural assemblies.  Must be able to install quality work and have working knowledge of piping systems.

  1. Duties

    1. Review plans and specifications

    2. Cut, assemble, install, and lay out pipe

    3. Bevel and thread pipe

    4. Secure work pieces for welding

    5. Install pipe supports

    6. Install valves and instruments

    7. Material handling

    8. Maintain clean work environment

    9. Operate lifts and other equipment

    10. Must be able to work with:

                                                    i.     Carbon steel

                                                   ii.     Stainless steel

                                                  iii.     Copper

                                                  iv.     PVC

                                                   v.     Polypropylene

  1. Future role

    1. This role has the potential to progress into field supervision roles

  2. Accountability

    1. Enforce safety

    2. Project installation quality

    3. Individual schedule and work completion

    4. Compliance with Clauger, customer and code standards

    5. Maintain a field culture driven by customer satisfaction, quality and efficiency

  3. Responsibility

    1. Customer satisfaction

  4. Coordination

    1. Maintain coordination and communication with customers and other trades


  1. Maintain 100% quality on work compeleted

  2. Maintain budgeted labor hours

Required Education, Experience, and/or Licenses

  1. Three years welding experience

  2. Preferred OSHA 10 hour

  3. Work authorization

  4. NCCER certification



Reports to

Director of Field Services

Supervisory Responsibility

Work Environment
Active construction site, with typical hazards associated with industrial work.  Employee will be required to wear PPE and work in a safe manner.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work
Full-time.  Non-standard working days and hours required.