Our commitments

Our ambition

Innovating for better quality of life is our overall ambition to become one of the best companies in the world, while working for future generations.

All of our projects and actions are carried out as part of our business project, which we have named “HOPE”. From this word meaning “hope,” we see each letter as an axis of development, innovation and continuous improvement.


H for Humans, let's evolve together

It is about our ability to integrate and manage talent within society. Through an internal “Rising skills” pole, we make every effort to train employees, motivate them and make them evolve. Our philosophy materializes with the formulation “One Man, One Project”.


O for Opening, let's Open to the World

We consolidate our development based on our ability to open up to others, challenge ourselves and innovate to remain agile. We cultivate this “Made With” approach by collaborating with our customers and business partners.


P for Perpetuity, let's build sustainably

One of our core values is to enhance the satisfaction of our customers, and of all members of our ecosystem. We want to engage with them on the long term, and thus build a relationship of trust that takes place over time.


E for Environment, innovate for better quality of life

At Clauger, the energy transition of industrialists is more than a leitmotif, it is a mission that we have given ourselves. Since 2013, we have expanded our know-how by starting the digital and related services shift, with the aim of helping our customers optimize their energy efficiency.

Our development model is long-time and focuses on current and future societal issues. Do not seek to be the best company in the world but one of the best for the world, because humans will need more than ever to feed on healthy, quality products and better manage the planet's resources.
Frédéric Minssieux